News - March 30, 2011

IQMS Going Strong (Without Much Help from the Cloud)
In a recent Technology Evaluation Centers (TEC) article, analyst P.J. Jakovljevic highlights IQMS' continued success in providing Manufacturing ERP software for repetitive manufacturing environments. Jakovljevic writes:

These days when all the excitement seems to be coming from “social anything” and “cloud anything” gadgets, it is refreshing to see some tried-and-true enterprise resource planning (ERP) vendors doing very well in their much less exciting manufacturing realms. The two vendors in this instance are IQMS and IFS, and there are many similarities between them (other than the superficial one that their names start with “I” and end with “S”)....more

New Release of EnterpriseIQ Keeps Manufacturers Flexible and Lean
IQMS recently released EnterpriseIQ 7.8.1 which features more than 900 new tools and reports across all aspects of the manufacturing ERP software with a development focus on providing functionality and efficiency. Understanding the need to stay lean and competitive, the latest EnterpriseIQ release focuses on tools that keep manufacturers flexible, accurate and proactive.

Ninety percent of the updates and changes developed for the latest release were contributed directly from customers through IQMS’ online portal, Community Server. Direct collaboration with the client allows IQMS to deliver useful changes more quickly, increase functionality and take advantage of new and emerging industry technologies. Upgrades require very low maintenance as no third party vendors are involved, allowing manufacturers to quickly start using the system and realizing the benefits of the improvements...more

SPC Webinar Available Online
The very popular SPC webinar held earlier in March is now available via the IQMS online video library. The webinar highlights how EnterpriseIQ Statistical Process Control (SPC) helps manufacturers gather, track, and measure variable and attribute statistics for a manufactured part and report quality and performance via charting and analysis tools. See how to use the SPC modules to calibrate, track and maintain gages and devices, determine lot acceptability, conduct First Article Inspections, Measurement System Analysis, Capability Analysis and more. 

Click here to access the complete list of IQMS Webinars.

IQMS Webinar Highlights EnterpriseIQ’s Complete End to End Credit Card Processing    
IQMS offers customers a  secure, intuitive, fast and accurate means to authorize credit cards, and to settle credit card transactions. Through a new partnership with Merchant e-Solutions, IQMS customers have a complete, end to end payment processing solution with more options, greater functionality and reduced costs.  

Join IQMS and  Merchant e-Solutions Thursday, April 21st at 8:30 am PDT, to see how EnterpriseIQ will process, verify, accept/decline and track credit card credit card transactions. Learn how credit cards can be applied to a sales order, AR Invoice, CRM Quote, or CRM Support Issue from various modules within EnterpriseIQ including WebDirect.   

 As an added bonus, preferred pricing will be offered to IQMS customers. Contact IQMS to learn more.

IQFeature of the Week -- Voice Alert System

Did you know that...EnterpriseIQ can generate event triggered announcements over your internal Public Address (PA) system? IQVoice is a real time application that monitors events occurring throughout the plant floor.  When changes are detected, audio (WAV) files are triggered that automatically produce a voice announcement to alert staff of the event or exception.  IQVoice comes pre-configured with monitors and announcements based on specific events and activities within EnterpriseIQ (work center is down, performing above or below cycle time threshold, job overruns, parts left to produce…) The list of conditions is easily customized to allow customers to expand their announcements based on user defined criteria unique to their organization based on events occurring in Production Monitoring, Shop Data, IQAlert and more. 

 Any computer equipped with a sound card and an installation of EnterpriseIQ can run IQVoice. Connecting the sound card to the plant PA system will allow the announcements to be heard by everyone allowing for more efficient and proactive plant management.